No Man's Sky World-Building Algorithm Incident and a Slight Release Delay

By I'm a fucking sell out Published 26th Jul 2016

The algorithm for world-building in the upcoming "No Man's Sky" may be using a patented "superformula", however it's not suspected to be attributed to the game's minor release delay.

Recently, it's been announced how No Man's Sky release will be set back a few days, supposedly from August 9th until August 12th. While this delay is minor, some bigger topics have been discussed in regards to No Man's Sky development recently, especially it's world-building algorithm.{br}{br}

While it seemed like a big issue at first, luckily the issue of No Man's Sky's algorithm infringing the "superformula" patent is actually minor, and the founder of the algorithm, Johan Gielis, even states how he's proud of how it is used in No Man's Sky if it was. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games, the company behind No Man's Sky, clarified this in a {url=}tweet[/url];{br}{br}

{quote}No Man's Sky doesn't actually use this "superformula" thing or infringe a patent. This is a non-story... everybody chill{/quote}{br}

It's therefore fair to state that fortunately, the delay does not have a relationship to the drama regarding the superformula, however there is a minor delay. What are your thoughts on No Man's Sky? Do you feel like it's a game you would play? Leave your thoughts below.

I'm a fucking sell out

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