Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats Now Available with Save Wizard on the PS4

By I'm a fucking sell out Published 29th Oct 2018

It looks like Save Wizard is on the move out West! New cheats have just been released for Red Dead 2 on the PS4.

Well that didn't take very long! Just a few days into the release of the second Red Dead Redemption title, Save Wizard has released working cheats for the single player mode on Playstation 4! While the newly released cheats are not out of this world like the one's we have seen in the past on Grand Theft Auto games, it is a great start to help further explore the vast Western lands that are discovered in the game.

As can be seen directly from the Save Wizard site, the cheats available at this time for US and EU gamers is Max Money and Max Items in Satchel, one for manual save and the other for auto.

This is a great start to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats not even a week into the release, Even if it is a very short list at the moment. As time passes new cheats will surely be added to the game so tune back in down the road for more updates! We plan on releasing news related to Game Saves each week and what has been released here on the NextGenUpdate.

I'm a fucking sell out


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