The PS Plus Games Lineup for November Has Been Announced

By Wosley Published 31st Oct 2018

New Games are coming for free to PS Plus Members in November

This month for Ps Plus we get 6 Games

2 Ps4 Games

- Yakuza: Kiwami
- Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

2 Ps3 Games

- Arkendo Series
- Jackbox Party Pack 2.

2 Vita Games

- Burly Men at Sea (Cross Buy with PS4)
- Roundabout (Cross Buy with PS4)

Link to the Lineup Video: Here

You can buy Ps Plus in the Ps Store for:

$10 a month
$25 for 3 month's
or $60 for a year

You also can buy Ps Plus cards online on the following websites:

Cdkeys or

After buying the Ps Plus codes you can redeem them in the ps store by clicking on Redeem Code



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