Fortnite Patch Notes (6.21): Balloons, Weapons, And More

By Vince Published 1st Nov 2018

These arent your normal types of balloons

The never ending flow of content releases for Fortnite continues to stream out new items in the games latest patch. Update 6.21 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android (iOS may have a short delay before an update hits the App store), and its headlining feature is a new type of item in Battle Royale: balloons. For Epic's full patch notes for Fortnite, you can check them out here.

When people think of balloons, they think of the boring decorations for parties. Now this may not excite a lot of Fortnite players, but they add the possibilities of some wacky and fun tactics to the game. As can be seen in the brief video below, holding onto the balloons allows you to float into the air. They're classified as Epic rarity, and when you pick them up, you'll get a total of 20 that can be deployed. You can hold as many as six at once; you inflate balloons by hitting the primary fire button and let go of one by hitting secondary fire. As is customary, balloons can be found in many different places. Chests, supply drops, supply llamas, vending machines or just as floor loot. The patch notes do warn though, "Don't float too high for too long; balloons only last so long at max build height."

The release of update 6.21 comes just days before the Halloween event Fortnitemares is set to end in Battle Royale. Coming on Sunday, November 4, is some kind of one-time-only event to cap off the ongoing festivities. In the meantime, new Week 6 challenges will soon be available, and you can check out the full patch notes below.

Fortnite Update 6.21 Patch Notes


  • Added support for newer versions of PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where holding down the left mouse button would block other inputs in certain conditions on Mac.

Battle Royale


Bug Fixes
  • Updated Port-A-Challenge grenade names.
  • Improved clarity of where to throw Port-A-Challenge grenades.

Weapons + Items
  • Balloons added
    • Epic rarity
      • Comes with 20 deployable balloons.
        • Allows the player to defy gravity by holding up to 6 balloons at a time.
        • Primary fire button to inflate a balloon, secondary fire button to let go of a balloon.
      • Can be found from floor loot, chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, and Vending Machines.
      • NOTE: Don’t float too high for too long, balloons only last so long at max build height.
  • Grappler
    • When grappling as a vehicle passenger, the velocity of your vehicle is factored into the grapple force.
      • Only occurs in instances where vehicle velocity will be a net gain to grapple force.
    • Grappling as a vehicle passenger will now cause the vehicle to travel in a straight line to its destination rather than traveling in an arc.
  • Vaulted
    • Semi-Auto Sniper
    • Guided Missile
    • Dual Pistols
      • These items will remain available in Playground Mode.
  • 25% of explosive damage will now penetrate through structures and the environment.


Glider Re-deploy

We’ve finished our first week of Glider Re-deploy being available in all modes. During this time we’ve been collecting internal data and monitoring constructive feedback from all of you. We understand that not all players agree with this change, but we would like to continue with this functionality in the game based on the positive results we’ve been seeing.

As this feature remains available, we’ll begin making quality of life changes to its functionality. First of which will be prioritizing Glider audio over weapon audio within certain ranges, this will begin in v6.21. We also plan on adding additional changes in future updates.

Thanks for the discussion and feedback you’ve provided. Please continue letting us know how we can improve this feature, your thoughts on its effect in matches, and any other feedback you may have as we continue to work on Glider Re-deploy.

Additional Gameplay Changes
  • Grass updates more frequently resulting in smoother animation.
  • Added support for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and newer versions of PS4 and Xbox One controllers on Mac

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a trap could cause a hitch.
  • Certain bindings will no longer override the ability to use the fullscreen map and spectating actions.
  • Fixed the delay between using multiple Small Shields.
  • Fixed an issue where inventory could get stuck when using the Grappler while picking up an item.
  • Map zooming with trigger buttons works on Switch again.

  • Intensified Fiend Hunter Crossbow fire sounds.
  • Reduced volume of Cube Monsters and dynamic spawners.
  • It's now easier to hear gliders while shooting or harvesting.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed sniper projectiles playing the wrong impact sounds when hitting Cube Monsters.
  • Fixed Boogie Bomb music not playing for Cube Monsters.

Replay System

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing Quad Launcher rocket explosions to reset when scrubbing replays.

  • Optimization to reduce hitching on Android phones using Vulkan.
  • Snap-to-value slider added to the HUD Layout tool.

Bug Fixes
  • Widgets that should not have had editable visibility shown will now be properly hidden.

Save the World

Missions + Systems
  • All rarities of Perk-UP and RE-Perk materials are now distributed starting in mid-Plankerton and beyond.
    • This applies to mission rewards and Miniboss Mission Alerts.
  • Perk Caches
    • New Cache type that can drop both RE-Perk and Perk-UP.
    • Will start appearing in mid-Plankerton.
    • These can drop from Mini-bosses and treasure chests.
  • The Volcanic and Vortex modifiers can now appear on mini-bosses.
    • The Vortex modifier allows the enemy to use a bolt of energy to pull heroes towards it.
    • The Volcanic modifier causes the ground to rupture under a player, exploding for huge damage.
  • Adjusted the Mutant Storm mission table to assure only one of the three modifiers could possibly appear in a mission.
    • Acid Pools, Smoke Screens, and Slowing Pools.
  • The Frenzied Deathburst modifier now applies an increase to enemy attack damage as well as a speed increase.

  • Dim Mak Igor - Plague Doctor Ninja.
    • Available on November 1 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bug Fixes
  • Goin' Commando's perk Boomstick now properly deals energy damage.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where upgraded Adrenaline Rush would not revive allies.
  • When placing traps or using BASE with perks or attributes that increase max health to building pieces, the building pieces no longer get stuck with “Repair 1” instead of letting you Upgrade.
  • Fixed a possible crash leaving the zone on Xbox
  • Correct mission info now displays for party members in zone lobby.
  • Defenses built around storm trap are destroyed when storm trap is placed afterward.


Bug Fixes
  • Taker now properly pushes players out of the way with swoop attack.
  • The outline for pumpkin headed Husks now appears properly.


Bug Fixes
  • The zone selected by the party leader is now properly replicated to the other players in the lobby.
  • The Halloween-themed background is now properly appearing on the Fortnitemares quest map on the Play Tab.

  • Added sound updates for vote system with Mission Control.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue with Disintegrator explosion sounds not playing consistently.
  • Fixed issue with combat music persisting when completing Fight the Storm missions.
  • Fixed issue with Husk Bee Hive damage sounds not playing consistently.


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