Bizarre Battlefield 1 Collector's Bundle Doesn't Include Game

By I'm a fucking sell out Published 6th Aug 2016

Online-retailer Amazon announces exclusive Battlefield 1 Bundle that does not include a copy of the actual game.

The release date of Battlefield 1 is fast approaching. With a confirmed date of October 21st, EA is preparing to complete it's work with retailers on their pre-order packages for the anticipated fall games season. One of those such companies, Amazon, announced a new {url=}collector's edition pre-order bundle[/url] for the upcoming-WW1 shooter that does not include a copy of the game.{br}

{img=amazon-bf1.jpg}An overview of all the items included in the Collector's Edition.{/img}

It seems crazy, but EA made a savvy move that benefits players in allowing the purchase of the real-life item accessories in a separate bundle from Battlefield 1 itself. Those who purchase the Amazon-exclusive Collector's Edition will now have the option of purchasing Battlefield 1 through digital outlets or other means instead of being forced to purchase the Deluxe Collector's Edition of the game at the price of $190 with no allowance for a digital download.

The price drops dramatically to $109 without the game for those who are subscribed to Amazon Prime. With a difference of $81 from the original collector's edition, players now have the option of buying the game digitally, used, or however means necessary with additional change to spare. Without Amazon Prime, the bundle is priced at $129.99, the same as the Deluxe bundle price point if you were to, of course, purchase the game separately afterwards. The option to purchase used or digitally is still an option in the basic bundle.

As can be seen in the image above, included in the Amazon-exclusive Collector's Edition is a 14-inch statue, a deck of cards, a steel book case, a cloth poster, a messenger pigeon tube that holds codes for DLC content, and a patch. The Deluxe Edition includes all of these items as well as the game, in disc form.

Check out the latest trailer for the upcoming game below which features many of the old school weapons that will grace the title:


EA is hoping for a mega-hit this fall after exciting fans with the announcement that {url=}Battlefield 1[/url] would be returning to World War 1 combat. The worldwide release date is set for October 21st.

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