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    Hello Battlefield 1 players here are some helpful links that can help you improve and check stats and trips and tricks to improve as a player Smile

    Battlefield Tracker: Check your Stats and Leader-boards ranking for Battlefield 1 (BF1) Stats, Battlefield 4 (BF4) and Battlefield: Hardline (BF:H). You must login or register to view this content.

    Battlefield 1 Companion: Stay updated on the go Check your stats and customize your loadout. Design your own emblem You must login or register to view this content.

    Android companion phone app: You must login or register to view this content.

    Apple companion phone app: You must login or register to view this content.

    Symthic: Battlefield 1 Stats: Weapons, Vehicles, Attachments, Explosives, Time to Kill, Bullets to Kill etc. - You must login or register to view this content.

    BF1Severs Check server stats You must login or register to view this content.

    If anybody has any helpful links let me know and i will add them.

    Gameplay Tips and Tricks

    These strategies can be used on almost any map in any game mode. They are sound tactics for series newcomers and veterans alike.

    Secret Weapons

    Find one of the three Elite Class pickups to gain bonus abilities and unlock powerful new weapons. Elite Classes are extremely powerful and should not be underestimated. You gain new, powerful weapons and a considerable amount of damage resistance. Always remember to grab them when you see them available!

    To spot them, simply look at your mini-map. There are custom indicators that appear on your map when you are near a Elite Class. Also, the game will tell you, by saying "A Sentry Kit has been spotted nearby". The name they say changes based on the kit that is near you.

    Customize Vehicles

    In addition to your class load-outs, did you know that you can also customize and upgrade the vehicles you spawn in?

    When at the Deployment screen, select a vehicle option and open the customization menu to see the different packages you can deploy for each vehicle.

    Help your passengers help you! If you are in charge of one of the games numerous multi player-vehicles, be aware of which guns are manned and maneuver your vehicle to allow your gunners the best view also, and perhaps to save the most frustration, be aware of where your passengers can and can't shoot and always, always spot targets for your gunners.

    Enable the Kill Log

    From the main menu, navigate to "More" and then the "Options" tab. Under the "Gameplay" menu, scroll down to Kill Log and set it to On.

    This will show you the constantly-updating ticker of who kills who and with what, which is useful in several ways:

    You know if that sniper or gunner who killed you last time is still active, or if you've been avenged and can pass that area unmolested.
    If you notice someone you just passed or saw die, this is a good indicator to prepare for a firefight.
    You'll have a decent idea of how many / what types of enemy vehicles are currently in the field.

    Mark All AA guns on your Map

    First, go to the Options menu and go to Gameplay. In here, under the minimap section, you'll find the "Show stationary weapons". Set this box to "All".

    Once this is done all stationary weapons will be visible on your minimap. I would also recommend that you start using your "full map" function. This allows you to bring up a much larger map at any time, to better navigate yourself towards an available anti-air gun. You can access the "full map" function by pressing the 'M' key on PC, the touch-pad on PS4 or the "view-button" on XboxOne.

    Or go here for Pictures of where they are located You must login or register to view this content. Credit to The guy on your six

    Respawn Timer

    While the "Skip Revive" option may seem like it's getting you back in the action faster, the downtime between lives is actually the same.

    The only thing you're accomplishing by selecting that option is ensuring you won't be revived by another player.

    You Can Have Multiple Class Loadouts

    One of the annoying parts of older Battlefield games was constantly adjusting your loadout. You might like playing a certain class, but depending on the map and your enemies, your loadout might need to change to compensate for what the other team is doing.

    Now, you can have multiple loadouts saved. By clicking the class emblem in the lower left section of the selection screen, you can cycle between 3 saved loadouts. This is a great new addition, that lets you always be prepared without having to dig through menus between deaths!
    Keep Your Head Down

    When not in a vehicle, it's best to stay in cover whenever possible. While especially true when attempting to push towards an objective, this is a good all-around practice since talented snipers can easily pick you off from a distance.

    Leveling Classes

    Leveling up is very important! Even if you don't plan to play some classes very often, we suggest you still use them enough to level up a few times. The reason for this, is you will unlock most weapons by level 3. After that, if you still don't enjoy the class, then you can move on knowing that you've at least got access to nearly all that classes weapons.

    Spotting is such a valuable tool in Battlefield 1. You can easily spot a target by pointing your weapon at it and hitting the Spot button PS4: R1 XB1: RB PC: Q

    Spotting allows you to mark a target, so everyone on your team can see it. Not only that, but a spotted target will earn you extra points when they die!

    Don't think that enemies are the only thing you can mark either. Squad leaders can also mark objectives, by pointing at them and pressing the same Spot button. If you successfully capture or defend that objective, your squad will earn several hundred extra points for completing the goal. This can be done over and over, allowing a good squad to earn several thousand bonus points for simply marking an objective and taking it!

    Charge Forward

    If there are no enemies nearby, use your Bayonet Charge to cover long distances faster than you normally would. If there are enemies nearby, cover long distances and then stab somebody.

    Flank Objectives

    Whether in Conquest or on the offensive in Rush, there are always multiple paths to each objective. Avoid running straight into a meat grinder when there are other options for more covert access to your objectives.

    Join or Create a Squad

    Teamwork is important - On the battlefield, you'll need to constantly work together with other players to ensure victory for your team. Joining a squad not only lets you spawn near your teammates (often closer to objectives), but being in a squad offers a more focused gameplay experience as well. Squad Leaders will continuously send orders to their subordinates, which helps keeps your team focused on keeping the opposing side at bay.

    Squads are important not only for teamwork, but for the points! You get a lot more points awarded to you for working with and helping your squad!

    Communication is Key

    Whether on voice chat or through the in-game communications system, pay attention to what your teammates are in need of. Similarly, you can call out to them for first aid, resupply or back when you find yourself in a dire situation.

    Play Your Class

    Instead of choosing a class based on what gun you like best (though that is a factor), keep in mind that each class has specific gadgets for a reason. The Medic has adrenaline shots to revive team members, and the Support class has ammo packs to refill their allies ammo bags.

    Performing class-specific actions will not only help level up that class, but your player level as a whole. Plus, your teammates will like you a lot more than if you just run off into the desert alone.

    Conquest Tips

    This section covers tips and tricks for the Conquest game mode, where two teams compete to capture as many control points as possible.

    Capture Satellite Points

    While everyone focuses on control points B, C and D in the center of the map, don't forget to swing around to control points further out, like A, E or G.

    You'll get more points towards your player level for capturing multiple objectives that you would for getting a few paltry kills here and there.

    Pain Train/Behemoth

    If you happen to be on a team that is suffering a considerable defeat, your army commanders will occasionally deploy an Armored Train (equipped with six heavy gunner stations) as a way to turn the tide.

    It is unknown what specific conditions trigger the locomotive's appearance, but it seems to be roughly halfway through a match when one team is losing by a considerable margin roughly 200 points or more.

    Mine The Gap

    If the enemy team deploys an armored train, pull out some dynamite or anti-tank / H.E. mines and lay them along the track. The Behemoth or aka Blimp can be taken down with AA guns and mortor's and rocket gun and planes

    The train will be unable to avoid the mines, which will make quick work of the turrets on board. and the Behemoth cab be taken down by inflicting the most damage on the 4 pods on the bottom of the ship with the AA guns and planes also you can snipe people out if the pods.

    Use What Nature Gives You

    If you happen to be in a match where a sandstorm occurs, count yourself lucky and use it as cover. Play as an Assault, Medic or Support class and use the near-zero visibility to maneuver around and capture points without fear of snipers or air support. Also us spotting flair to see were enemies are through the sandstorm

    Sandstorms also provide excellent cover to track down and destroy heavy vehicles or artillery trucks, as their drivers will be easily disoriented in the storm.

    Plan Your Attack

    Nobody likes to get killed, but use the down time you have before redeploying to formulate a goal and a plan before jumping back into the action. It's a lot easier to succeed when you know exactly what it is you want. Make a Plan and change it up

    Use Scale to Your Advantage

    Since the Sinai Desert map is so large, use the southern sea of sand to get behind your enemies and initiate a surprise attack from the rear.

    Rush Tips

    This section covers tips and tricks for the Rush game mode, where one team must defend objectives against an attacking team that is attempting to destroy multiple objectives.

    Use the Objectives

    For Defending team members, activating the objectives will send airstrike coordinates to their superiors - this helps delay the need for retreat every few minutes.

    Avoid the Meat Grinder

    As the attacker, running straight up the middle of the attack lane is almost guaranteed suicide. While still coordinating with your squad and team, try to covertly make your way towards objectives without being noticed.

    Silent But Deadly

    Gas grenades are your friend in Rush mode, whether you're on offense or defense. They can easily be used to clear an objective area of any defenders, or scatter/kill attackers trying to arm a bomb.

    Small Fireteams

    While you can have several players in a squad at once, when attempting to advance on an objective in Rush mode it's usually best to travel in groups of no more than three. This ensures you're able to cover your allies, but also that your team won't lose momentum if your whole group bites the big one.

    Fall Back and Prepare

    Once one of your sectors is lost, don't waste time running around trying to score an extra kill here or there - fall back to your next encampment and set traps for the other team before they have the chance to advance on you.

    Medics, Medics Everywhere

    Rush has a limited number of tickets for the attacking team. The best way to get around this? Medics! If you die, but get revived, then your team won't lose a ticket. This is invaluable in rush and other modes where the ticket counts are limited.

    Source: Some Came from IGN and RedditSmile
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    Any tips for Airborne Cannons codex?
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    Originally Posted by bmj2k7 View Post
    Any tips for Airborne Cannons codex?

    Video i used on how to get it Smile