Battlefield 1 May Update Adjusts Bayonet, Tweaks Operations and Balances Weapons

Battlefield 1 is getting a major update in May, which DICE recently previewed via a livestream event. While it doesn’t add a ton of new content, the update does make some notable balance adjustments, especially to bayonets.
Folks over PVPLIVE have done an excellent job at compiling all the information, highlights from which you can find below.
Damage reduction for players performing bayonet charge has been removed.
Maximum turn rate while charging has been slightly reduced.
Capturing flags in Conquest now awards a lower score, however, the team that captures at least three more flags than its opponent will be awarded bonuses.
Contribution percentage for flag capture/neutralization reduced from 50% to 30%.
Domination ticket count increased to 200.
Operations have been tweaked to allow players to continue playing even after a match has ended. Players won’t have to exit, will be able to stay with their team, and will simply switch sides post-match.
AA gun’s max range on ground has been adjusted. Field gun and stationary AAs will have to be repaired for use if they drop to 50% health.
Dogfighter gets new secondary weapon, Incendiary Ammo.
Added an advanced option that allows players to adjust the amount of camera shake caused by explosions etc.
For a comprehensive list of changes including net code tweaks and gameplay adjustments, either check out a recap of the livestream above or follow the link below.
[Source: Battlefield (YouTube) via PVPLIVE]

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