I'll keep this short and to the point, I have 1 fully modded BO2 account, it's a US account and it'll come with both the email and PSN login information of course. I'm asking $10 USD for it which is a reasonable price. Below you'll find what's modded on it as well as my contact info.

What's on the account?

- Prestige 10
- Level 55
- Unlock All
- Pre-Order Bonuses
- 255 Unlock Tokens
- Master League Play Medals

- Shotgun Blue Eyes
- Persitant Perk: Quick Revive
- Persitant Perk: Juggernog
- Persitant Perk: PhD Flopper
- Persitant Perk: Deadshot Daiquiri
- Persitant Perk: Tombstone
- Persitant Perk: Steel Barriers
- Persitant Perk: Steel Carpenter Barriers
- Persitant Perk: Insta-Kill Pro
- Persitant Perk: Better Mystery Box Weapons
- Persitant Perk: Refund on Perks
- Persitant Perk: Half-Off
- Persitant Perk: Long-Shot Sniper Points
- Persitant Perk: Double Pistol Points
- 250,000 In the bank
- Fridge Weapon: SLDG Hammer (Pack-a-Punched HAMR)

You can contact me by PM, my Skype by clicking here:
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(Any other Skypes or Discords are impostors and are NOT me)

Please Note:
If i don't respond right away it's because I'm either sick or asleep, I'm on Eastern Standard Time so my time might not be the same as your time so please take that into consideration.