★Black Ops 2 Origins Glitches - Best Working Origins Pile Up Glitch! (COD BO2 Zombie Glitches)★

Hey everyone! Its been a good while since ive visited this forum for a black ops 2 video on a glitch wow. Basically a very new glitch has been found using the panzer claw breach and u can get up to unlimited rounds with this if you do the unlimited staff ammo glitch which i will be making a video on soon. Here are the steps to my glitch anyhow.

1. Come to the pellets in the middle of the map were i do have the panzer stop and try to pull you and then go right just to the right of behind the wall.
2. Shoot and be very accurate hitting the panzers red button to disable his claw and land on the pellets. Dont go onto the land that is see-through beside you as there is a death barrier.
3. Enjoy like a squeaker like myself Smile XD Joke . Peace out dudes Smile

Heres my video!