THREAD: Rule on 'AD FLY' links in your threads.
  1. 12-24-2016, 08:54 PM
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    May 2008
    This thread is posted for all members across NextGenUpdate!

    AD FLY links are prohibited here on NextGenUpdate, Please use only trusted site to upload your projects such as " Media Fire, GitHub or MegaShare " etc. Caught breaking any of the rules can lead to many things such as warnings, Infractions, suspensions or bans.

    1st Time Offender

    Your thread link will be removed and you will have 48hrs updating it with one of the site mentioned.

    2nd Time Offender

    Will be given a warning from a " Moderator or Higher Authority " & Download link will be removed.

    3rd Time Offender

    Download link will be removed, Thread will be Closed/Trashed and Given a Infraction.

    4th Time Offender

    Suspension or Ban from NextGenUpdate!

    Thank you for taking the time and reading this thread with the rules that has been enforced.

    Thank you, NextGenUpdate Staff.
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