Recently this section has had a recent influx of people posting content. This is great, but prefixes are not being used so there is no way to tell what is currently working or patched.

In the future, please use prefixes and adjust them if you know they’ve been patched. This would make it easier for users to view the content in this section and easier for me to moderate said section.

What to Include

Below I have come up with some simple guidlines. These are meant to improve the section and hopefully make it easier to understand.

  • Use Prefixes in your threads and try to maintain them if possible.
  • Be as detailed as possible in your post. Include a text or video guide. (Some do not speak English and would like to contribute by posting videos and this is okay.)
  • Use the search function before posting. If it’s been posted before, don’t post it.
  • Platform. (PC, PS4, XBOX)

Glitch is Patched

Edit the prefix to if you’re the thread owner, or report the post and I’ll update the prefix. No one likes to try a glitch and then have it not work.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me.