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  • Users on Linux and OSX can now also opt in to Panorama UI by adding “-panorama” to their launch options.
  • Adding broadcast stream panel for CS:GO Minors and Majors in the main menu.
  • Adding link to Steam Market for items in containers.
  • Added ability to use gift packages.
  • End of match scoreboard now reveals other players’ skill groups.
  • End of match scoreboard now has Wingman skill group models in personal skill group display
  • Dead players are more distinct from living ones on the scoreboard.
  • Scoreboard now has per-player voice volume control.
  • End of match mouse control is delayed to avoid clicking out of window and losing focus.
  • Adding ability to enter numerical values for certain settings.
  • Updated grenade icon size
  • Fixed not showing all grenades owned by a player in their overhead UI during freezetime.
  • Fixed friendly decoys showing up on the radar with an odd color and a random number/letter.
  • Fixed friendly decoys showing up as enemy ghosts when they detonated.
  • Fixed wiggly countdown timer while defusing bomb
  • Fixed an issue that caused death notices to attempt to translate player names


  • The functional change to the decoy that shipped with the last update will not be reverted: from here on decoys will be radar-visible by the team that threw it and not radar-visible to the enemy team.


  • Updated Steam and CS:GO account restrictions for users in Netherlands and Belgium:
  • Steam Trading and Steam Market features are now re-enabled for Steam accounts in Netherlands.
  • Customers in Netherlands and Belgium will be restricted from opening containers.
  • Various crash fixes
  • Fixed a regression in reliable avatars for tournament game servers.
  • Set max value for the zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse slider to 1.5 in the options screen.