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Halloween is still two weeks away but the spooky celebrations have already begun in Bungie’s Destiny 2. Its newest event Festival of the Lost is now live and brings some interesting new content along with new cosmetics, bounties and items to earn. Of course, it also has masks and this time, they serve a deeper gameplay purpose thanks to the Haunted Forest.

A reskinned version of the Infinite Forest, the Haunted Forest sees players delving into several “branches”, defeating enemies as quickly as possible before fighting a boss. Higher branches will add modifiers like increased melee damage from enemies, decreased health and shields (but more recovery) and increased damage while airborne. Clear as many branches as possible in 15 minutes and you receive Fragmented Souls.

These can be used to purchase new masks, upgrade particular masks with perks for the Haunted Forest (like health regen on precision kills) and also to purchase the new Horror Story auto rifle. Festival of the Lost will be offering even more in subsequent weeks – a quest line to centered on the murder of Master Ives goes live on October 30th. The event itself ends on November 6th.

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