Hello, I'm having troubles understanding how to get the BrushModel used by Entity Spawners to spawn solid models. I've seen a post here on how to spawn solid models and the person gets the brushmodel, by switching the mapname and getting the gentity_s address from a specific id, f.e.
 case "mp_prisonbreak":
Brush = G_Entity(0x3Cool Man (aka Tustin);

(The Thread i got this from: You must login or register to view this content.)
I understand everything what he is doing, besides how he obtained the id (0x3Cool Man (aka Tustin) he's using for getting the brushmodel. I did some research and i believ the function GetCollisionMap, called from SetupCollisionMap is what returns this id, but sadly idk which model i should pass into the function to obtain the wanted id. Any help is greatly appreciated and please also let me know if you get the BrushModel like that in other cods aswell!
Thanks in advance!