THREAD: Network sided anti-cheat added which affects PS3/XBOX 360 (10/20/2018)
  1. 10-20-2018, 06:57 AM
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    Due to the PC skids who all added admin kick to their menu recently, Rockstar has had to take action into their own hands and properly fix this.
    They decided to do it via the server side this time, and whether unintentionally or not, also blocked it on the PS3 (and probably xbox too) system.

    So, 'admin kick' and some similar features no longer work on PS3. No confirmation for xbox 360 yet but probably doesn't work there either.

    The whole patch was done without releasing a new eboot.bin, which is very unusual for rockstar, but it has been done.

    I personally think this is fine, because the protection is now in most menus and makes the features only useable on non-modders which we already had alternatives for. Also I hate the whole stigma surrounding this exploit, because people have gone CRAZY over it.

    UPDATE: You will now get banned if you try to use admin kick.
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