THREAD: Grand Theft Auto V Stuck while Installing (FIX)
  1. 12-22-2017, 08:37 AM
    Dec 2015
    Hello Community,
    In this Thread i will explain you how to install GTA 5 on your PS3 and fix the the Stuck at X/8486 MB.

    1. Go to your Game Data Utility and find Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto - Install and Delete both.
    2. If you already Deleted them go to your Network Settings and Disable the Internet.
    3. Now go your GTA 5 and DON'T Install the Update press Circle to Cancel it.
    Your GTA 5 will now Install the full 8gb without any Stuck Issues.
    If you Installed the 8gb and played the Prologue restart your GTA 5 and start Install the New Update *1.27*.

    I hope i could help you out with this Happy.
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