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  1. 01-15-2016, 03:24 AM
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    Jun 2015

    Anyone who has done business with me please comment here Smile

    EDIT V

    Name: Burt
    Age: 21 + 16 ( 2 brothers)
    Gaming Platform(s): PS4, PS3, PSP
    Payment Processor(s): PSN, Paypal, Amazon
    Shops: Jailbreaks + Cheap PSN!
    Time Zone: GMT UK
    Trustworthy Level: 2, 10+ transactions on ngu, 250+ transactions on facebook!

    A little about ourselves :

    My names Burt and my brother's name is J, we joined the modding community June 2015 (when we got our first cfw ps3) we bricked our ps3 within a month of owning it (LOL i know) Well as soon as we bricked, we bought a e3, tried to fix it but we blew the motherboard (EVEN MORE LOL) but we learnt a huge lesson from that.
    Since then we've managed to flash 30-40 playstations, we can fix numerous hardware faults and cfw errors. Even learnt how to take the IHS off.
    So anyways, we do this for abit of extra pocket money and for fun, the fun side has kinda died now though as modding is dying slowly but we still strive to run the most genuine/honest/reliable service we can for the public.
    Im 100% sure anyone who has dealt with us before has had a easy painless and fast transaction. please leave feedback below

    Much love and kind regards Smile
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  2. 10-11-2018, 09:43 AM
    Oct 2018
    Bought a account of this guy quite a long time ago now but he is very reliable and fast and when you need him he will help you out. Would recommend 100%.

    BurtE can you message me ASAP need help with resetting a PlayStation I bought of you that I forgot the password to