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League of Legends’ Nexus Blitz mode is coming back soon with the game mode expected to re-release in Patch 8.24.

Introduced as an experimental game mode with plans to make it permanent, Riot Games released Nexus Blitz weeks ago to give players another non-traditional League experience. Though it’s still planned to be a permanent game mode, Riot Games took it down for a while to work on it more, but it’s coming back soon.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve been poring through all your feedback and analyzing data from every region with playrate graphs that look like abstract impressionism,” Riot Spacenorth said in an update on the League of Legends Nexus page. “We’re no art critics, but the interpretation is pretty clear: Nexus Blitz showed some promise, so we’re bringing it back for a second test run, targeted for patch 8.24!”

Regarding the reasoning behind taking down the game mode, the Rioter said that while Nexus Blitz was enjoyed by many players, there were some “clear shortcomings” with the game mode that would prevent it from being a permanent fixture. After identifying some of those issues based on players’ feedback, the second test will come with some fixes for the problems to see if round two resonates better with players.

One of the issues the post addressed was how players felt about the map. Nexus Blitz features a map that’s totally unique to the game mode, and while Riot Games says the focus was put on gameplay over visuals, it acknowledged that some players found the map distracting. To resolve that issue, Riot Games is cleaning up the visuals and is focusing on making parts of the map that players spend the most time in clearer than they were before.

Amid other requests, one of the ideas that was suggested was a ranked mode for Nexus Blitz just like the Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline maps have. Riot Games says that that’s not in the cards though with the game mode sticking to a non-competitive theme, something that a ranked game mode would change dramatically.

“Unfortunately, ranked is about as far in the opposite direction as a feature can go, relative to Nexus Blitz’s goal of being a fun-first, lower-stress mode. On the other hand, ranked isn’t the only way we can give you stuff to do across multiple games, and we’re looking into what we can pull together in time for test two.”

Riot Games is planning on bringing back League of Legends’ Nexus Blitz mode in Patch 8.24.

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