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Just a few days before it the release of its first paid DLC, Insomniac’s Spider-Man for the PS4 has received a new update. Along with bringing the much-awaited New Game Plus mode, this update adds tons of functionality to Photo Mode. Stickers, a shortcut to Photo Mode on the D-pad, frames, and rotation for stickers is also included.

Most importantly, however, UI and user experience lead Gil Doron revealed a critical “fix” with this update: Puddles. That’s right – you can finally address one of the sillier criticisms that Spider-Man garnered before launch by adding puddles to images. Considering the controversy that was generated, it’s pretty cool to see Insomniac make a cheeky comeback to the same.

Spider-Man’s first DLC The Heist, which is part 1 of The City That Never Sleeps, will be going live on October 23rd. Along with a new faction, three new suits and new crimes, the DLC will add new story missions as well. Essentially, Spider-Man will pursue Felicia Kyle aka Black Cat who’s leaving little clues around Manhattan for some mysterious purpose. Stay tuned for more information.