so i decided to install dex on my ps3 so i downgraded find and install dex with no problem on 4.21.2 rex my problem is that i was not able to get online didn't no i could do it threw tool box.. either way i updated to 4.46 rex without removing dex :(. so i found how to downgrade to 3.55 when it was finish i went to check my multiman and saw my system info and saw that my firmware was not 3.55 but was 03.60-04.30 DEX. my problem is that i can't downgrade nor update qa toggle does not work either. i tried many dex to cex fixes none work so i was hopping some one figure this problem out.
found an update let me go to 3.55 dex sc-36 i standard i go no idea what update it is it said

thanks in advance. :(