So I just fixed my PS3 From RSOD, and I was setting things back up, just wanted to try a few rounds of Ghosts so I buy this 16 GB flash drive and copy Ghosts to it and try to run it off Multiman.. But when I run it, I get a black screen like 2 seconds after Multiplayer Menu loads up and then the black screen like appears and re-appears continuously until I hit "Quit"
What I've noticed is that everytime I try Multiplayer it moves the PS3_GAME folder to the root of my USB by it's self somehow..So I'm confused, I tried Running it off of Internal-BD Rom-Disc and External-BD Rom-Disc, tried fixing permissions and doing Test but nothing helps? I have GAMES/Then the Blus Folder/Game Inside so..? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you