Hey there guys.

I am looking for gameplays from any games.
On the GaijinGamers channel we focus on gaming and also promoting others and their gameplays/ gaming channels.
We have over a 1000 subs and get between 100 to 2000 views on each of the videos.
If you would like some exposure to my group of subs and the people that view GaijinGamers then check out the channel in the link at the bottom and message us there.

You can submit all kinds of videos from any games.
- Commentaries
- Clips
- Tips/ Tricks
- Montages
- Films/ Machinimas
- Funny/ Trolling video

So if you are interested then you can find the submission form on the GaijinGamers channel and fill it out with your details and we'll upload your video.
Of course if you have any questions then please ask.