THREAD: Regarding Xbox360 Consoles/MotherBoards That Have Been "Jtaged"
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    Hello Everybody, Recently I have been seeing many People asking where Can I buy a Jtag and what is the Best Kind I can get? Well in this thread I will explain some info on what kind of "Jtaged" systems you can get.

    Please Click the Spoiler Tabs to get the Info![/color]

    What is a Jtag?
    All Jtags do the same thing,run unsigned codes, so if people say well my Jtag does more then yours that basically is not true. It all depends on how good your motherboard is like in "durable" standards.

    The Jasper Motherboard:
    This is basically one of the newest and the last motherboards that had the Jtag hack to it. I would have to say this is a good motherboard to have with a jtag. Year Created - 2008.

    The Xenon Motherboard:
    This is basically one of the oldest mother boards to have the jtag hack done to it. Year Created - 2005.

    The Opus Motherboard:
    This Xbox360 motherboard is a very rare one I would have to say, not people know much things about this motherboard. Year Created - 2007.

    The Zephry Motherboard:
    I believe this motherboard goes back to the Xenon Motherboard times but Im not sure. Another rare motherboard that is hard to find. Year Created - 2007.

    The Falcon Motherboard:
    This is a more seen kind motherboard and I believe it was made during the time of the Opus motherboards. Year Created -2007.

    Next I will tell you some good and bad things about the Motherboards.

    Regarding which Motherboards use which type of KeyVault's:

    Type 1
    Xenon Motherboard

    Type 2
    Xenon Motherboard

    Regarding KeyVaults - Kv's: A KV is used to send info to Microsoft regarding your console. This lets Microsoft knwo that you are on there servers using your console and you are sending info to them regarding your console. Also KeyVault's have your console i.d in them an example would be a kv has your console's serial number. But lately Microsoft have installed better serve checks. What does this mean for you? Well on a Jtag now if you try to boot up online it will console ban your straight away. So we have to wait till new methods to come out.

    Jasper Motherboard

    This is a very good mother board to do the jtag hack to, this is one of the newest boards and one of the last boards to do this hack to. As this is a newer board it has a very unknown ability to Red Ring of Death.

    I for myself think this is a good Jtag to get if you want something reliable.

    Goods -

    -Not much errors - Unless owner does it to the jtag itself.
    -Red Ring Of Death is very know to this.
    -New motherboard to have this done - Made 2008
    -HDMI Output

    Downs -

    -There are not that many downs.
    - Costs
    - Only Take type 2 Kv's Only

    Zephry Motherboard
    This is one of the older Motherboards out there and this kind of board is really rare I would have to say. I don't hear of many people hearing of this.

    There are some that have problems and no problems with this type of motherboard.

    Goods -

    - Easy to Use
    - HDMI Output
    - Lower Red Ring of Desth Rating

    Downs -

    - Overpriced a bit
    - Takes Type 2 Kv's Only
    - Red Ring Of Death is really not common but still happens
    - Older versions of motherboards that have been jatged

    Opus Motherboard

    Here is another rare kind of motherboard we have here that has been jtaged.

    If you like to have a challenge and see what you can do with things, this is the motherboard for you.

    Goods -

    - Newer Version of Motherboard - 2007
    - Less Fail rate then others
    - Red Ring of Death is low

    Downs -

    - Not much info know about them, since they are not seen as much
    - ONly Takes Type 2 kv's
    - No HDMI Output
    - Hard to use/challenge

    Falcon Motherboard

    Here is a common Jtaged Motherboard here. It is newer so that would cause it to have no preblems as much as older motherboards.

    Very good board and easy to use.

    Goods -

    - Low Failure Rate
    - Red Ring of Death Low Rate
    - HDMI Output
    - Motherboard is newer - 2007

    Downs -

    - Only Take type 2 Kv's
    - Cost is higher
    - Hard to fix when damaged

    Xenon Motherboard - This is the Kind Of Jtag I have, I have no problems since I have gotten it. No Problems.[/color]

    This is a very common motherboard that people have jtaged. The reason is that it is easier for people to do the jtag hack on it.The Xenon Motherboard was one of the first motherboars to get the jtag hack done to it since that is the reason these are one of the oldest mother boards.

    This does not make the Jtag bad since it is older then other motherboards.

    Goods -

    - Easy to Fix
    - Takes Type 1 and 2 kv's
    - Prices are Cheaper
    - Jtag hack is much easier to do on this motherboard
    - Good Jtag to start off with and use

    Downs -

    - Oldest Version Motherboard to have the Jtag hack done to it
    - Little more Failure rate
    - No HDMI Output
    - Red Ring of Death is a littler more common

    Anything that can help your Xbox360 reduce heat is higly great with these kind of systems.

    Anyways I hope this helps some of you with any of your questions. -Reaper Smile
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    i got a sephry motherboard on my Jtag but lately i alway get a E79 error :(

    You have a jtag/rgh right ? Because I have a question.