Welcome to the Divine Knights Community Recruitment Thread!

We want to thank you for your interest in joining the Divine Knights Community. We are a clan that have many members who have been around gaming for a number of years and know what has worked in the past and what has not worked. We consider it a privilege and honor to be part of this clan that has so many members, resources, allies and communities that respect, honor and help one another in time of need.

What can you expect from the Knights?

A Mature Gaming Clan who uphold Respect, Honor, Loyalty & Team work
Skilled players
Training for new players to a game
Involved in tournaments: You can expect us to be in tournaments for each game year round. Also Inter-Clan Tournaments that include prizes.
A top of the line website and forums that will continue to be updated. Also an Arcade, MP3 Player and Podcast which can be accessed.
A top of the line GFX Team which takes the time and effort to create some of the best Graphics seen in signatures, avatars and logos.
A Family oriented environment which includes Family Night. Your significant others can be involved in the clan with their own forums and membership.
Leadership that listens. We make sure to get your input and always try to improve the clan.
Outreach & Charity Events
A fun yet competitive place to play & win

What is expected from you?
Be 16 or older before you apply.
Familiarize yourself with the Knights Code of Conduct and do your best to uphold it
You are required to add members of your games rosters to your XBL, PSN or PC friends list in game
You are required to set you clan tag to the following:
[<->] - Modern Warfare 3
Be Active on the forums, and get to know players in-game and out. You will be evaluated on your maturity, teamwork, & communication
Make sure to be active on the forums a few times a week to ensure you're not missing any important information pertaining to your recruitment.
You will be required to attend practices on a regular basis so you can be evaluated.
During the second week the voting process by clan members will begin. At that point a “Yay or Nay” vote will be taken by members in your division. We encourage you to get to know as many members as possible during your recruitment so that this vote is favorable to you

If you think you got what it takes then please proceed to the application section, and good luck on your journey.

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Please Note: Questions proceeded by an asterisk are compulsory.

Date of Birth:*

Xbox Live Gamertag:*

Reason behind your username:*

Games Playing:*

Playing Times:*
(Time Zone, Days & Times)

Play Style:*
(Sniper, Run & Gunner, Camper, etc...)

Previous Clans:*
(In the past year and a half)

Reason for leaving:*

What do you expect to gain from being a member of the Divine Knights?:*

Do you take the following oath?*
**The Divine Knights clan is responsible for every action of each individual member, and we swear to uphold a friendly and healthy environment not only for our members, but for other members of other clans also.**

If you said yes to taking the Oath, why??*

Games Being Supported:

DC Universe

Diablo III
Starcraft II

I will Message you shortly after you fill this out with further details and the website link

Good Luck! Dancing

Also add me on Live DK Predatorr and let me know if your interested and say your from NGU (Best way to contact me for further info)